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Aims of the Centre

 The University of Bari proposes to bring into being interuniversity and scientific-cultural cooperation also through carrying out activities relating to training, research and teaching which may be undertaken through the diffusion, at a highly qualified level, of the Italian language and culture, with reference to the following broad subject areas:

1.      Language and humanities;

2.      Law and economics;

3.      Technical subjects and science;

4.      Medicine and biology.

In order to carry out its aim, CIRCEOS proposes to:

·        draw up and stipulate agreements with universities from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe;

·        promote research and permanent training at the universities which are members of the Centre;

·        organize distance-learning degree courses and study courses, through the Internet, videoconferences, computer-conferences;

·        organize courses, specialization courses, short-term courses and workshops for the diffusion of the Italian language and culture which come within the broad subject areas outlined above;

·        encourage the collection, exchange and diffusion of documentation and publications;

·        organize initiatives also within the framework of cooperation with transnational research bodies,

·        organize cooperation activities with local and national bodies,

·        encourage the involvement of institutions, of primary and secondary schools, and the world of business,

·        organize student exchanges,

·        coordinate all types of activities relating to interuniversity cooperation with particular reference to the establishment of a body which can link the universities of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe by means of a Permanent Conference of Universities of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

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