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Curriculum Vitae prof. Giovanni Dotoli

Giovanni Dotoli was born in 1942 in Volturino, in the province of Foggia. He is Full Professor of French language and literature at the University of Bari since 1980, and Knight, Official and Commander of the Order of the Academic Palms of French Government. By Decree of the 5th May 1999, the French President Jacques Chirac bestowed him the Legion of honour, as Official, for the cultural deserves.

Giovanni Dotoli has founded and directs various series and reviews, also in international co-edition. In the 2000 he received the Grand Prix de l’Académie Française. Moreover, he directs the series: the Research Library (Schena-Italia; Presses de l’Université Paris Sorbonne-France), Didactics of Foreign Languages (Schena) and Poetry and Narration (Schena) and the reviews "Studies of French Literature" (Olschki), "Review of Canadian Studies"(Schena),"Nu (e)" (Association "Nu (e)" Nice).

Component of the National University Council (1984-1997) and General Secretary of the Community of the Mediterranean Universities, he is President of the Language Centre of the University of Bari, delegated by the Chancellor to the University of Bari’s International Relations, Scientific Director of the CIRCEOS (Inter-University Centre for Research and Cooperation with the Universities of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe) and Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Levante Fair.

Specialist in the seventeenth century, in the second half of the nineteenth century, in the first twentieth century’s avant gardes, in the French travel in Italy, in the Mediterranean and Canadian French-Speaking and in contemporary poetry, he wrote over one hundred volumes and more than three hundred essays, articles and reports on French literature, language and culture, from the sixteenth century to the twentieth, published in Italy and abroad. He was visiting professor at the University of Chicago andat the Ecole Normal Supérieure of Paris.
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