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Curriculum Vitae Prof. Kutuzov

Alexander Gennadievich Kutuzov has been working in Moscow education since 1981. In 1984 he graduated from the Russian Language Department of Moscow State Teacher Training Institute after V.I. Lenin. While studying he worked as a teacher of the Russian Language and Literature in Moscow secondary school №199. For over ten years A.G. Kutuzov has worked at the Research Institute of Schooling of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. While working there he and the laboratory he headed contributed much to the development of teaching Literature at school: relevant methodology and technology were devised, the content of teaching Literature was significantly renewed, a concept of an entirely new curriculum of the subject was developed, and working out a new generation of Literature textbooks was started. The result was a publication of a series of textbooks having a federal status “In the World of Literature” (1995 – 2002) for school grades 5 – 11.
A.G. Kutuzov has gained a good reputation in the scientific community, his scientific research being often referred to. He is the author of over a hundred works, as well as the initiator of the All-Russian Literature Olympiad and a permanent member of its jury.
A.G. Kutuzov has a doctoral pedagogical degree (PhD in Pedagogy), a title of Professor, as well as a number of rewards: a medal “In Memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow”, a medal “The Honorary Person Working in Higher Education”. More than once he has been awarded “Moscow Grant” in science and technology in education.
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